My trip to Copenhagen…so far

I had planned to provide updates much more regularly from here in Copenhagen.

I have found myself here in Copenhagen working on the communications plan with the UNFCCC Youth Constituency, the US Youth Delegation, and within SustainUS. This has kept me really busy but has been really rewarding as everyday there are new projects and events that we must respond to.

So here are some of the things I’ve done in a nutshell:

I arrived on December 4th, tired from finishing my exams a week in advance but very excited to finally be in Copenhagen. On December 5th the Conference of Youth began…

The first day of COP15 I participated in the handover of the 10 million TckTckTck petition signatures to Connie Hedegard and Ivo de Boer. We also stopped by Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathaai’s press conference and snagged a few photos with her.

As COP15 began SustainUS coordinated with the other American youth at the Bella Center to track policy and hold joint actions. Here we are meeting in the Bella Center listening to a policy briefing by an negotiator tracker…

On Wednesday and Thursday, December 9th and 10th we had a run in with the famously ridiculous climate change skeptic Lord Monckton, which resulted in SustainUS getting international news coverage when he began to call us “Hitler youth.” The incredibly hateful comments that have followed since then from climate skeptics have been discouraging. I cannot understand how anyone suspects that they will convince someone of their views by insulting them with such offensive names and refusing to engage them in a civil conversation.

Thursday December 10th concluded with an event that we put on with the Chinese Youth Delegation to bring us together and discuss opportunities for collaboration among fellow citizens of these two superpowers.

The Global Day of Action on climate change occurred on December 12th. I joined the march in Copenhagen with around 100,000 other people. I found myself in the group, which was incredibly fun and joyous.

We made the BBC’s video coverage during the march while singing “It’s Getting Hot in Here” (see time spot at 14 sec).


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